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Optically-Clear Adhesives Optically-clear adhesive film
Light diffusing adhesive film
Selective wavelength-filtering adhesive film
High moisture barrier adhesive film
Adhesive film with adjustable refractive index
Anti-shatter film
Double-sided Adhesive Films with Functional Core Materials Double-sided adhesive films with optically isotropic core material
Protective Films MASTACK® TFB
For processing OLED / ZUPF-211
For processing & shipping / GP3500
Release Liners FILMBYNA: Type-Z
FILMBYNA: Type-Silicone
FILMBYNA: Type-Non-Silicone
FILMBYNA: Type-Fluorine
Hot Melt Adhesives Meta seal®
Tab Seal film
Functional Battery Materials Free-standing electrode / ZEF
5G Related Materials Copper foil with low-dielectric resin: ZAC-LDC for PCB
Copper foil with low-dielectric resin: ZAC-LDC for FPC
Laminated Films for Industrial Use HI-PLY U-Sheet
HI-PLY Foil Series
HI-PLY Foil Mat Series
Fresh Carry®
Easy Pool
Optical Clear Resins Optical Clear Resins
Coating and Casting Service Commissioning Process (Film formation, multi-functionalization)