Contributing to a sustainable, technologically advanced society by providing ultra-quality film products through our stringent quality systems and precise coating technologies

“Truly unique ideas are born only when challenging the unknown.” These were the words of our company founder, Yahiko Fujimori, which have been passed on through our company until today.
For over 100 years we have challenged the unknown, honing our technology and craftsmanship to produce the products we do today. Keeping in-step with our ever-evolving society, we continue to update our technology to realize new value for the next 100 years as well.

Why Zacros is the partner of choice for information technology companies

We are a one-stop-shop for film development, boasting the top market share for protective films for polarizers, and our commerical products have become the new global standard for quality in the information electronics industry.


Top share in polarizer protecive films is driven by


For over 20 years customers have adopted our products with confidence. Even at extreme film widths of 2500 mm, we maintain consistent quality control through our vertically integrated manufacturing and proprietary material processing tecnologies.

Global market share for polarizer protective films: #1

Polarizer protective films

Because these films are optically clear and made in immaculate production environments, your products can undergo inspection without removing the film.
A variety of commericialized films are available, ranging from OLED applications to other optical instruments.
We have a long track record of providing 2500 mm-wide protective films, and due to popular demand, we are expanding our capacity to manufacture 3000 mm films as well.

Zacros’ production system achieving the world’s top market share

Precision Coating in Immaculate Environment

With our class 100 environment we realize best-in-class protection for sensitve products

Limitless Product Possibilities

With a max width of 2500 mm films, and our ability to design custom adhesives, we are able to stably produce a limitless range of products.

Global Supply Chain

To support our growing overseas business, we supply from both Japan and Taiwan to accelerate and reinforce stable supply.

Further Expansion

Zacros is investing 14.5 billion yen into capacity for manufacturing extra-wide films, to commit our support to future market developments in the information technology industry.

Across our Numata plant and Zacros Taiwan plant, we are investing 14.5 billion yen to supply large potective films, primarily for use in large LCD panels.
Numata, our primary plant for information technology products, will gain capacity to produce up to 3000 mm film products, all while improving the manufacturing process to have significantly less impact on the environment.
Zacros Taiwan will have its existing coater modified to be able to produce up to 1700 mm film products.


From early stage prototypes to commercial quality assurance we are your

Total Solution Provider

Using our coaters and extruders we have succeeded in developing and commercializing customer applications, through rapid iteration and tailoring materials to match customer requirements.
In total we average 300 prototypes a year, which is made possible by our robust in-house analysis, rapid iteration, and radically flexible production crew. Rest assured we will recommend the optimal materials and parameters for your product.

Contract Manufacturing Order Flow

Below is a typical flow of the order process for contract manufacturing. Rest assured we are more than “flexible” enough to handle any request!

From contact to proposal

Please contact us using the contact form.
In our intial meetings, allow us to confirm details such as annual volumes and intended applications of the product in mind.
Based on the feedback, we will propose the optimal production conditions and materials.
Even if your product was rejected and deemed “too difficult”, have no fear. Contact us today.

From prototype to manufacturing

With our coaters and analytical equipment, we will steward your product development. Products with low volume and/or high variability are also welcome.
We are experts in process engineering, and we will rapidly overcome any production error with rapid iteration using our in-house machinery and expertise.

Commercialization and after-service sales

We have more than 10 production lines across Japan and Taiwan, with a track record of mass-producing a wide range of materials. When necessary, we can also make and use our own custom coater heads in-house. Through material management and stable quality assurance, we ensure scalability of your product.
With superior line controls in place and extensive track record in quality assurance, we ensure stable supply of high quality products.


Global Presence

With sales offices in Japan, China (Shenzhen and Shanghai), and Taiwan, and manufacturing operations in both Japan and Taiwan, we have sufficient capacity and customer support to quickly process your requests.


For inquiries, please contact us below