Fujimori Kogyo Co., Ltd. (hereinafter, “ZACROS”) will handle information related to living individuals that enables a specific individual to be identified (including information that can easily be collated with other information and thereby allow a specific individual to be identified), (hereinafter referred to as “Personal Information”) based on the following policy.

Compliance with laws and regulations

ZACROS will comply with the Act on the Protection of Personal Information and other applicable laws and regulations, guidelines of related ministries and agencies, internal rules, etc. that provide for the handling of personal information.

Acquisition and use of Personal Information

ZACROS will acquire Personal Information of persons who make inquiries via ZACROS Website, such as their name, address, and phone numbers.

Furthermore, ZACROS may automatically acquire customer information that is linked together with Personal Information, upon a customer’s access to the Website, such as information on the browser being used, page browsing history, IP address, and cookies, within the scope of the purposes of use of access information.

ZACROS will use such information for the following purposes:

1; To conduct transactions required for business activities, such as the development, manufacturing, and sales of goods handled by ZACROS.
2; To exercise rights and perform obligations based on the Commercial Code and to conduct management, such as the preparation of data under prescribed standards of various laws and regulations.
3; Personal Information of employment seekers will be used in the hiring process and to engage in various types of communication required in such process.
4; To respond to various inquiries addressed to ZACROS.
5; To provide information regarding the sales of goods and services handled by ZACROS, related after-sales services, and for new products and services.
ZACROS will not, unless consent has been obtained from the inquirer in advance or where permitted under laws and regulations, use Personal Information beyond the scope necessary to achieve the purposes of use mentioned above.

As an alternative to the above, the user may, from the browser settings, suspend cookie functions. However, please note that in such case, some parts of the services may become unavailable.

Please check the Cookie policy page for details of cookies.

Management of Personal Information

ZACROS will take necessary measures to prevent leakage, loss, or damage in respect of Personal Information and will manage Personal Information in an appropriate manner.

In addition, ZACROS will appropriately supervise its employees with respect to the handling of Personal Information, and in the case where the handling of Personal Information is to be outsourced, ZACROS will supervise the outsource to ensure that it appropriately manages the Personal Information.

Providing Personal Information to a third party

ZACROS will not provide the Personal Information of an inquirer to a third party unless consent has been obtained in advance from the inquirer or in the case where said provision is permitted under laws and regulations, such as where Personal Information is to be outsourced within the scope necessary to achieve the purpose of use.

Disclosure, correction, and suspension of use, etc. of Personal Information In the event an inquirer wishes to know the purpose of use of his/her own Personal Information, or wishes to have the same disclosed, corrected, or its use suspended, etc., he/she should contact the following point of contact. When a request for disclosure, etc., has been received from an inquirer, ZACROS will verify whether the request has been made by the inquirer himself/herself, and when verified, will respond to it as provided for in laws and regulations.

Point of contact for inquiries: Email information-jp@zacros.co.jp

Upgrading of internal structure

ZACROS will implement internal education for ZACROS’s directors, employees, dispatched employees, etc., to comply with laws and regulations, guidelines issued by various related ministries and agencies, and its internal rules that provide for the handling of Personal Information. In addition, ZACROS will appoint a person responsible for handling Personal Information of customers and conduct regular audits.


Please contact the point of contact for inquiries mentioned earlier if you have any comments or questions regarding ZACROS’s handling of Personal Information. ZACROS will respond swiftly and appropriately if it receives from an inquirer any complaints regarding the handling of a Personal Information.


ZACROS will review this policy as necessary upon changes to laws and regulations, and will make efforts for its improvement. Revisions to this policy will be published on ZACROS’s Website. We request you to regularly check the same.


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