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Copper foil with low-dielectric resin: ZAC-LDC for FPC

Smooth copper foil coated with low transmission loss/thermosetting adhesive to create resin-covered copper foil. These greatly contribute to improving performance of 5G circuit boards.


Adhesion achieved without roughening surface of copper

Typically the surface of copper foils is roughened in order to increase adhesion strength.
With our proprietary technology, we are able to design adhesion with resin and keep the copper foil smooth and straight, contributing to less interference of electron flow.

Simplified lamination at customer site

Adhesive resin used in our product film structure allows for roll-to-roll lamination of ZAC-LDC with insulating material.


We select the optimal type and thickness of resin and copper foil for your application.


Type Configuration Dk Df

for FPC

Copper foil




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