Product Details

Coating - Commissioning Process (Film formation, multi-functionalization)

Film formation equipment

We support our customers from development to mass production with the following equipment.

  • Coating
  • Casting
  • Extrusion lamination, etc.

Commissioning Process

The commissioning process is as follows.

  1. Inquiry: Please inquire via our website, e-mail, or telephone.
  2. Meeting: Our sales and technical representatives will speak to you directly to discuss your requirements for testing and prototypes.
  3. Laboratory machine study: We will support your initial stage of development by using a prototype coater that is 1/5 scale of the mass production machine, and which can perform application from a cup of liquid.
  4. Evaluation: Please evaluate the finished sample.
  5. Prototyping on the mass production equipment: We offer a wide range of services from small-lot sample production to mass production.
  6. Commissioning contract: We decide on quality management items according to your needs and then undertake quality assurance.