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Double-sided Adhesive Film with Optically Isotropic Core Material

Using a phase retardant-free, ultra-thin film as the core material, this product is optically isotactic, meaning it is optimal for use with bonding agents like OCA.
Due to the difficulty of maintaining shape, conventional OCA has problems including opening holes, punching, and cutting in the film.
However, this film improves processing efficiency because this keeps thickness consistent owing to base film.


High workability due to the use of a core material.

It improves processing efficiency of materials that are prone to cracking and chipping because it can protect and affix the adherend.

Use of optically isotropic (retardation-free) core material.

The use of a phase retardant-free core material allows for use in the same applications as OCA.

The standard adhesive lineup includes two types of adhesive

We offer a lineup with a high adhesive force type and a stress-relaxation type.

High customizability

As we handle a variety of adhesive products, we can propose a combination of products from our extensive lineup of adhesives to meet your needs.
You can also consult with us regarding the function of the core material.

Our lineup:

High adhesive force type:

Adhesive layers with high adhesion are applied to both sides of the optically isotropic core material.

Example use
  • Opening very small diameter holes
  • Punching complex shapes, etc.
Stress-relaxation type:

Adhesive with stress-relaxation properties is used on one side.

Example use
  • Affixing polarizer on glass
  • Affixing an anti-reflective film on glass, etc.


Item Unit Measurement Double-sided high
adhesion type
One side strong,
one side stress
relaxation tape
Total thickness μm - 101 101
Adhesive thickness (including core) μm - 25 25
Haze % - 0.4 0.3
Transmittance % - 92.0 92.0
Adhesive force to glass A N/25mm 0.3 m/minute 18.2 (Strong) 18.2
B (Stress relaxation) 8.8


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