Product Details

Fresh Carry Series

This product was developed based on the HI-PLY Foil Mat series to help streamline constant-temperature logistics. It is suitable for low-temperature and heat-retaining logistics, and is optimal for various systems in logistics environments.


Outstanding cold-retaining and thermal insulation

As it is made based on the cold insulating material the HI-PLY Foil Mat, it provides outstanding light blocking and thermal insulation.
We can provide products such as cold boxes and cold-retaining covers.

Lightweight products with high packaging protection

The material is based on foamed polyethylene and aluminum foil and laminated with a firm, stretchable polyethylene fabric, making it light, high-tensile-strength, and flexible to protect contents.

Foldable for use, collection, and storage

It is easy to attach and detach, and it can be folded to save space. It is effective in reducing return shipping costs at collection and saving space during storage, which helps cut costs.

Can be freely designed in size, shape, and function according to purpose

We can provide products from our varied lineup of fabrics, including cover types, box types, and sheet types, according to the purpose of each use.

Long-term use enabled by improved durability

The aluminum foil type has outstanding weather and water resistance, and its service life has been significantly increased. It is economical because it reduces the use of ice packs and other material.

Example Applications:

Cold Insulation for Logistics and Storage Environments

This product can be used in situations like the following as a product that is optimal for logistics environments and storage environments in cold insulation systems.

  • Transportation and simple storage of cold foods, chilled foods, frozen foods, fresh foods, etc.
  • Low temperature (constant temperature) control
  • Reusable cold/heat-retaining boxes for home delivery
  • General logistics requiring constant cold/heat temperature control, etc.


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