Product Details

HI-PLY Foil Mat Series

As a sheet with excellent thermal insulation, light blocking, and durability, it is used in cold-retaining covers and cold boxes for food and pharmaceuticals.

From material sheets to finished products, we can propose products to meet your needs.


  • Lightweight
  • Flexible
  • Excellent heat/cold-retaining performance
  • High-tensile strength
  • Long-term outdoor durability
  • Easy to cut and process by machine sewing
  • No generation of chlorinated gas
  • No environmental endocrine disruptor designated substances detected
  • No heavy metals used in colorants

Example use

Logistics and storage applications
  • Cold-retaining covers
  • Cold boxes
  • Sunshade sheets
  • Industrial material applications
  • Truck tarps
  • Machine covers
  • Agriculture and livestock applications
  • Simple greenhouse roofing materials
  • Agricultural equipment covers
  • Overlay sheets
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