Light Diffusible Adhesive Film

Product Overview

It is an adhesive product with a light diffusion effect that has a wide variety of haze and diffusion particle sizes.

Product Features

Light diffusion effect

Optimal display characteristics are achieved by diffusing light with strong straightness such as miniLEDs, and diffusing natural light for effective use.

Wide range of products

The diffusing particle size and haze can be adjusted to the application.

High-level cleanroom production

We produce products under a highly clean environment cultivated through the production of polarizer protective films.

Product namePOL-443K20H40POL-204K20H75
Example useReflective LCDLCD backlight interlayer
Adhesive Thicknessμm2020
Adhesion to glassN/25mm10.320.5
Total light transmittance%9190.9


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