Optically Filtering Adhesive Film

Product Overview

This adhesive film has the function of absorbing specific wavelengths in the range from ultraviolet to near-infrared.

Product Features

Wavelength absorption characteristics

It absorbs specific wavelengths in the range from ultraviolet to near-infrared.rnIt is also possible to set multiple wavelengths to be absorbed.


The absorption wavelength can be controlled to meet your needs.

High-level cleanroom production

We produce products under a highly clean environment cultivated through the production of polarizer protective films.

PropertyUnitTest method380nm cut type400nm cut type
Adhesive Thicknessμm2022
Spectral transmittance 380nm%0.10
Spectral transmittance 400nm%49.11.1
Spectral transmittance 420nm%87.537.8
Total transmittance%92.192
Adhesive to glassN/25mm0.3m/min.16.817.2


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