Low WVT Adhesive Film 【Under Development】

Product Overview

Compared to general acrylic adhesives, it is an adhesive film with an extremely low water vapor transmission rate.

Product Features

Low moisture permeability

Compared to general acrylic adhesives, the water vapor transmission rate at the same thickness of the adhesive is about one-third.

Two types of thicknesses

The standard adhesive thickness is 25μm, but 50μm is also available.

High-level cleanroom production

We produce products under a highly clean environment cultivated through the production of polarizer protective films.

Bio-based adhesion

We use biomass-derived adhesives.

Product nameZBA-41A25
Example useLaminating barrier film
Adhesive Thicknessμm25
Adhesion to glassN/25mm32.1
Total light transmittance%92
WVTR 40℃ 90% RHg/m2/day490
Biobase degree%74


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