Optically Isotropic Film with Double-Sided Adhesive 【Under Development】

Product Overview

Using a phase retardant-free, ultra-thin film as the core material, this product is optically isotactic, meaning it is optimal for use with bonding agents like OCA. Films sheets can be easily cut* for custom applications.

Product Features

Retardant-free base film

Ultra-thin optically isotropic film used as core material


Adhesives available: “strong” and “differential” typernAs for the core material, if there is a request other than optical isotropy, we will consider it.

High-level cleanroom production

We produce products under a highly clean environment cultivated through the production of polarizer protective films.

ItemUnitMeasurementStrong tapeDifferential type
(one side stress relaxation )
Total thicknessμm101101
Adhesive thickness
(including core)
Adhesion to glass AN/25mm0.3 m/minute18.2(Strong)18.2
Adhesion to glass BN/25mm0.3 m/minute18.2(Stress relaxation)8.8


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