Bio-based Optical Adhesive Film

Product Overview

This acrylic adhesive uses 78% biobased material, and yet achieves <1% haze performance. This means it is still viable for optical applications, as well as bonding and fixing applications.

Product Features

High bio-based content

Without sacrificing product performance, we can greatly increase the amount of bio-based materials

High transparency

We guarantee bio-based versions of our products maintain the necessary transparency for optical applications.

High-level cleanroom production

We produce products in a class 100 clean room.

Standard product examplesadhesive thickness(μm)adhesion force to glass(N/25mm)remarks
ZBA-25250.7bio-based material ratio 79%
ZBA-12514.1bio-based material ratio 39%
ZBA-412518.9bio-based material ratio 74%


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