Product Overview

A stock of Z series is always available in our storage, meaning a product can be shipped immediately upon order. Like other products, the entire process from coating to slitting is done in a highly clean environment.

Product Features

Vast lineup

  • Base film Thickness:75μm
  • Product width :45 ~ 1,020mm
  • Type of peeling agent:6 types
  • Peeling force:2.0 ~ 32.5 gf/25mm※

※ Measurement method: Nitto Denko 31B tape, 70°C x 20h aging under 2000Pa load, 300mm/min (180°) peel measurement

Quick delivery

Z Series FILMBYNA release liners are always available in stock, contributing to shorter lead times for our customers.

Small-lot production

We can accommodate narrow widths, short lengths, and other sizes requested by customers.

  • Product width :45mm~
  • Coiled length:100m~
  • Sales lot:100㎡~


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