FILMBYNA® Silicone

Product Overview

This plastic film is coated with a silicone release agent. We offer a wide range of customized solutions to meet your needs.

Product Features

Vast lineup

  • Base film Thickness:19~125μm
  • Product width :Max 1,580mm
  • Surface treatment:single-sided, double-sided with same or differing peeling force
  • Type of peeling agent:15 types
  • Peeling force:2.8 ~ 200.0 gf/25mm※

※ Measurement method: Nitto Denko 31B tape, 70°C x 20h aging under 2000Pa load, 300mm/min (180°) peel measurement

Highly clean environment

Manufactured in a highly clean environment, matching quality requirements for optical applications. Ex.) Manufacturing process of optically clear adhesives (OCA) tapes, reattachment of die-cut process

Functional assignment

  • Antistatic:106MΩ or less
  • Oligomer Prevention
  • Coating matte treatment

New materials welcome!

If some material or agent etc. is not included in our lineup, please consult with us.rnZacros is always seeking to grow with our customers. Combining your new material with our competency in bringing materials together, we can create the optimal solution for your application.


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