FILMBYNA® Fluorine Type

Product Overview

This release film is a plastic film coated with a fluorine-containing silicone release agent. Since silicone-based adhesives will bond with silicone peeling agents, we offer alternative fluorine types.

Product Features

Vast lineup

  • Base film thickness: 19-125μm
  • Maximum width: 1,580mm
  • Peeling force: 3.5-7.5 gf/25mm※

※ Measurement method: Maxell 6260-01 tape, 300mm/min (180°) peel measurement

Compatible with silicone adhesives

Suitable for silicone adhesives used in applications requiring heat resistance, cold resistance, removability, and electrical insulation.

Functional assignment

  • Antistatic:106MΩ or less
  • Oligomer Prevention
  • Coating matte treatment


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