LCP (Liquid Crystal Polymer) film

Product Overview

Although LCP films are normally extruded or blow molded, we are able to cast the films through proprietary tecniques, realizing unique physical properties for a broad use in various applications.

Product Features

High-quality casted film using the our proprietary u0022solution castingu0022 method.

Since the polymers are casted into film rather than the conventional blow molding (inflation), this means films are less prone to cracking because the film has not been pulled and thus there is no molecular orientation

High heat resistance and stable physical properties

u003cdiv class=u0022u0026quot;frame-rootu0026quot;u0022u003eLiquid crystal polymers innately have thermoplasticity with high heat resistance, all while having excellent processability. Additionally, they exhibit low water absorption, high water and solvent resistance, and stable physical properties.u003c/divu003e

Ultra-thin films available

We have experience in producing ultra-thin high-quality films for demanding applications with uniform thickness and precision. We can stably produce films as thin as 6 micrometers in thickness.


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