Meta Seal Film

Product Overview

An adhesive film that bonds dissimilar materials together. Meta Seal, developed using our lamination technology, can be used for joining various applications such as fuel cells. Since this film is used as a hot melt adhesive, it has a short takt time and is easy to work with.

Product Features

Bonding different materials

You can bond dissimilar materials such as:rnMetal: SUS, aluminum, nickel, titanium, etc.rnCeramic: glass, plaster, fine ceramic, etc.rnFilm: PP film, PET film, nylon film, fluorine film, etc.rn*Some films may require surface treatment depending on the material.

The layer thickness is even and there is no variation or unevenness.

Because it is a film-type adhesive, the layer thickness is more uniform than liquid or viscous adhesives, and there is no variation in adhesive strength or uneven application.

long term durability

Since polyolefin is used as the base resin, this film has good chemical resistance (acidity, alkalinity), excellent hydrolysis resistance, and high long-term reliability.


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