Tab Seal Film

Product Overview

This is a highly reliable adhesive film for tab leads of lithium-ion batteries with a proven track record of over 20 years. Tab Seal Film is a hot melt product with electrolyte resistance.

Product Features

Strong adhesion and long-term reliability

With excellent adhesive strength, it firmly adheres to tabs (metal) and outer bags. In addition, there is little strength deterioration even after immersion in electrolyte.rnThis is an adhesive film with excellent long-term reliability.

Balances insulation and flexibility

Our unique design has achieved both insulation and flexibility. In processes such as through holes and shorts,rnReduces seal failure.

Heat sealability

Heat sealing between the tab (metal) and the outer bag is possible over a wide temperature range. By improving heat sealability,rnThis contributes to greater freedom in process design and increased productivity.

A diverse lineup

We can offer the same configuration from the thinnest one of 55μ to the thickest one of 200μ. In addition, the film must be manufactured in-house.rnWe can also propose your own grade from


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