5G Related Materials

5G Related Materials

The fifth generation mobile communication system (5G), which has been the focus of much attention in recent years, uses high-frequency waves known as millimeter wavelength band.
This enables it to achieve communication speeds five to ten times faster than that of the current generation.
In order to contribute to the realization of a smart society, of which typical examples include automated driving and remote medical care using the high capacity, high-speed communication of 5G, we are developing various components that improve the efficiency of communications.

Copper foil with low-dielectric resin: ZAC-LDC

Smooth copper foil coated with low transmission loss/thermosetting adhesive to create resin-covered copper foil. These greatly contribute to improving performance of 5G circuit boards.


Use of smooth copper foil

We achieve a resin design that retains adhesion even with smooth copper foil.

Simplified lamination

Adhesive resin is used to allow roll-to-roll lamination of copper foil and insulating material.


The type and thickness of resin can be selected to match the insulation material of the adherend, and the type and thickness of copper foil can be also selected.