Product Overview

ZEF (Zacros Electrode Film) is a freestanding electrode for lithium-ion Batteries and next-generation batteries. It can be cut to any size and attached to the current collector. ZEF achieves high capacity with its large, wide size, and thick-film coating, along with good adhesion for handling and excellent battery performance. Additionally, ZEF helps reduce capital investment in the electrode manufacturing process (mixing, coating, drying, calendering) for customers.

Product Features

Free-standing electrodes (Cathode and Anode) comprise solely a mixed layer, eliminating the need for a current collector.

Pre-calendered for easy use, they can be cut to any size and attached directly onto the current collector.

This approach liberates from constraints imposed by current collectors, facilitating the creation of large-size batteries and next-generation battery technologies previously unattainable.

Electrodes for lithium-ion batteries and next-generation large batteries. Supports new structures and designs for large next-generation batteries, encompassing both Cathode and Anode electrodes.


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