Creating new value
through cutting-edge
coating techniques

Our Electronic Materials Business combines precision coating,
long-running coating expertise, and stringent quality standards to
maximize material development and manufacturing

Global market share for polarizer protective films: #1 Customer prototypes completed in 2023: 300+

Why Zacros? Our best-in-class expertise and technology are here to help bring your new product to fruition:


Track Record

For over 20 years customers have adopted our products with confidence. Even at extreme film widths of 2500 mm, we maintain consistent quality control through our vertically integrated manufacturing and proprietary material processing tecnologies.


Total Solution Provider

Rapid iteration of developmental products is made possible by our robust in-house analysis suite and flexible production crew. With our experience, we help customers choose optimal materials and parameters to bring their product to market quickly. We average over 300 customer prototypes a year.


Global Presence

With sales offices in Japan, China (Shenzhen and Shanghai), and Taiwan, and manufacturing operations in both Japan and Taiwan, we have sufficient capacity and customer support to quickly process your requests.

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    Enter agreements

    After aligning and agreeing on product specs, delivery format, and purchase conditions, proceed to sign the respective purchase agreement.


Changing the future with new value,
our Electronic Materials Business is committed to environmental friendliness and to constantly update our quality management and coating technologies we have cultivated over the years. By doing so, we will provide the future value needed for a sustainable and ultra-smart society.


Please access our product catalogue for more detailed information. You can also contact our sales team directly for more information.

Yes. Converting materials to film, combining materials and/or adhesives together, and suggesting base materials is just the beginning of what we can do. Please feel free to reach out to consult about anything you have in mind.

Please fill in the contact form first, and a sales person will be in contact with you shortly.

Please fill in the contact form first, and a sales person will be in contact with you shortly.


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