Release Liners

Release Liners

We lead the industry in precise and ultra-clean coatings of release agent onto base films. Films can also be treated to be antistatic, and we offer a wide range of release agents from non-silicone to fluorinated and more. Our products boast excellent shelf life.

Product Features

Our vast lineup enables optimal product selection

Our release liners are highly customizable to meet your product needs:

  • Type of peeling agent (silicone, non-silicone, fluorine)
  • Peeling force (ranging from ultra-light peeling to ultra-heavy peeling)
  • Peeling speed
  • Base films (PET and other films available)
  • Surface treatment (single-sided, double-sided with same or differing peeling force)
  • Additional functions (printing, antistatic, surface roughening, leachables barrier)

Superb shelf life

Our release liners maintain stable peeling force over long periods of time.
For transdermal medications our release liners have a track record of over 20 years with the top share of adoption in Japan. In both quality and longevity, Zacros products are used with medicines, general-purpose adhesive tapes, export products, and more.

New materials welcome!

If some material or agent etc. is not included in our lineup, please consult with us.
Zacros is always seeking to grow with our customers. Combining your new material with our competency in bringing materials together, we can create the optimal solution for your application.

Product Applications

FILMBYNA, silicone type:

Manufactured in a highly clean environment, matching quality requirements for optical applications.

  • Manufacturing process of optically clear adhesives (OCA) tapes, reattachment of die-cut process
  • Often used as protective films in manufacturing processes
  • Double-sided silicone coating also available
FILMBYNA, non-Silicone type:

As there is no silicone used in the processing, it is suitable for particularly sensitive electronic components. Also, this FILMBYNA type is used as a base/carrier sheet, when casting other resins as films upon it. By doing so, resins casted, cooled, and separated will be given an embossed finish.

  • Features a non-silicone peel-off layer
FILMBYNA, fluorinated type:

Since silicone-based adhesives will bond with silicone peeling agents, we offer alternative fluorine types

  • Used with Silicone OCA, protective films
  • Used with electrical insulation tapes, splicing tapes
  • Anti-shatter films for glass
FILMBYNA, “Z Series”:

Our standardized Z Series FILMBYNA release liners are always available in stock, contributing to shorter lead times for our customers. Like other products, the entire process from coating to slitting is done in a highly clean environment.

  • Often used when punching holes in adhesive tape and double-sided tape
  • Used in secondary processing of double-sided tape
  • Used in small-lot prototyping

Product Specifications

Category Product name Features
Silicone Single-side coat KF, BD, GT, DG,
Peeling force ranges from 2.8 to 200 gf/25 mm, as tested internally following No. 31B tape method
Double-side coat BD/BD, C-6/C-6
Double-sided with same or differing coating agent
Non-silicone NSD, NSJ,
For products where silicone transfer is a risk.
Surface friction is optimized for casting other films on top of this liner, preventing unwanted movement when applying adhesive or during the resin casting.
Fluorinated SF, YC, YB2 ・We use a silicone peeling agent containing fluorine.
・This is suitable for use with silicone adhesives.
・Antistatic properties can also be added.
Z Series Z0, Z1, Z3, Z5, Z7, Z8 ・Always in stock, with narrow slits from 45 mm available.
・Antistatic layer can be added to reduce foreign matter adhesion
・Surface resistance 109 Ω

All release liners above have wide range of customization options. Maximum film width is 1580mm, Clean levels are 10,000 for all products, and the coating process has a class rating of 100.