Optically-Clear Resin

Optically-clear resin

Our adhesive lineup includes grades appropriate for optical use like polarizers. They can be customized to have low water vapor transmission rate and/or dielectric constant, and UV peel-off adhesives for semiconductor manufacturing.

Product types

For polarizers (& retarders)

Our products support various polarizer applications.

  • Countermeasure for optical ununiformity
  • High durability
  • Acid-free
Various refractive index

We offer optical adhesives in both high and low refractive index types.

  • Refractive index adjustment: Adjusted to index matching films
  • High refractive index type: Refractive index 1.59
  • Low refractive index type: Refractive index 1.37

This is an optical adhesive with a low water vapor transmission rate.

  • Low water vapor transmission
  • Low dielectric constant
UV peel-off type (for semiconductor manufacturing)

The UV peel-off adhesive for semiconductor processes decreases adhesion at a low amount of UV irradiation (400 mJ).

  • Before UV irradiation: High adhesion
  • After UV irradiation: Zero adhesion
  • Good processability
Bio-based adhesive

This acrylic adhesive is made of biomass materials. ZACROS can freely adjust adhesion strength for re-peeling, bonding and fixing applications. This adhesive achieves a haze of 1% or less and can also be used for optical applications. Some products with a high concentration of 78% biobased content, or certified with the Biomass Mark*, are also available.

*This mark can be only used by products certified by the Japan Organics Recycling Association (JORA).

  • Wide range of adhesive strengths
  • High transparency
  • High content of bio-based material

Example Applications

For polarizers (& retarders)

Adhesives for polarizers are divided into two types of applications: affixing and interlayer use. These have different quality requirements.

For affixing: Affixing polarizer to glass (liquid crystal cell)
  • Required characteristics:
        (1) Durability
        (2) Reworkability
        (3) Countermeasure for light leakage
        (4) Warp resistance
For interlayer use: Lamination of polarizer and various optical films
  • Required characteristics:
        (1) Durability
        (2) High adhesion
        (3) Thin film support
For other use

This lineup features adhesives with unique features.

  • Refractive index adjustment: IM (index matching) applications of ITO film, etc.
       (1) High refractive index type
       (2) Low refractive index type
  • Low WVTR: Barrier film, polarizer affixing for narrow-framed displays, etc.
  • UV peel-off adhesive: Temporary affixing of carrier materials in semiconductor post-processing, etc.