Laminated Films for Industrial Use

Laminated films for industrial use

We provide high-tensile strength, long-lasting waterproof sheets and heat/cold-retaining materials. The sheets are suitable for outdoor storage, and provide excellent thermal insulation and contribute to improved distribution efficiency.

Waterproof sheet : HI-PLY U-Sheet

We provide these high-tensile-strength sheets at an affordable price.
Zacros products have a long history of reliable performance with our customers.

Product Features
  • Long-lasting
  • Lightweight
  • High-tensile strength
  • Waterproof
Example Applications

The affordability and long lasting nature of these sheets make it ideal as a sheet for protecting materials outdoors.

  • Outdoor storage sheets for factories (fertilizers, raw materials, materials to be recycled, etc.)
  • Large-scale outdoor storage (coal, rock salts, ores, etc.)
  • Canopy for drying (tobacco, lumber, silk culturing, etc.)
  • Livestock curtains 
  • Agricultural equipment covers
  • Hay drying
  • DIY storage solution
  • Makeshift stretcher

HI-PLY Foil and HI-PLY Foil Mat Series

In addition to high quality and low cost, it has excellent cold/heat-retaining and waterproof properties.

  • Lightweight
  • Flexible
  • Excellent heat/cold-retaining performance
  • High durability
  • Long outdoor service life
  • Easy to cut and process by machine sewing
  • No generation of chlorinated gas
  • No environmental endocrine disruptor designated substances detected
  • No heavy metals used in colorants
Example Applications

The HI-PLY Foil series is environmentally friendly, highly insulated, and suitable for cold- and heat-retaining materials.

Logistics and storage applications
  • Cold-retaining covers
  • Cold boxes
  • Sunshade sheets
Industrial material applications
  • Truck tarps
  • Machine covers
Agriculture and livestock applications
  • Simple greenhouse roofing materials
  • Agricultural equipment covers
  • Overlay sheets

It can also be used for other general applications requiring cold or heat retention.


These nonflammable sheets are made of nonflammable glass fiber fabric and flame-resistant carbonized fiber fabric impregnated and coated with special heat-resistant coating. They completely protect workers against spatter and slag from welding and fusing work. This sheet does not generate harmful dust like asbestos and is extremely reliable in terms of health and safety.

Product Features
Excellent heat resistance

It has excellent heat resistance properties against sparks and slag, and produces almost no flames or smoke.

No generation of carcinogenic substances or the like

It is also excellent in terms of occupational health and safety because it does not generate carcinogens such as asbestos or toxic gases, etc.

High flexibility and toughness for easy handling

It has high tensile and tear strength and is outstanding as a sheet.

High water repellency

Its water repellency makes it suitable for outdoor work.

Example Applications
During Welding and Fusing Work

It can be used as a sheet for protecting from the following items.

  • Spatter
  • Slag 
  • Sparks
Curing of Electrical Installation Work

It can be used as a curing sheet for electrical installation work.

  • Cable protection during fire use, etc.

It can be used as a cover sheet.

  • Cover sheets for explosives, etc.
Fire Prevention Film

It can be used for disaster prevention applications.

  • Fire prevention films
  • Flameproof equipment, etc.
Heat Resistance

It can be used for heat resistance applications.

  • Heat-resistant gloves
  • Heat-resistant aprons, etc.
Thermal Insulation

It can be used for thermal insulation applications.

  • Heat-resistant duct covers
  • Exhaust manifold covers, etc.

The following applications are also supported.

  • Partition sheets for mines
  • Concrete slab thermal insulation covers, etc.

Portable Water Tank: Easy Pool

This is a freestanding simple water tank that is ultra-lightweight and flexible. It is a quick, space-saving, and easy way to create a pool.
Standard sizes are available for easy use.

Product Features

This pool can be made to stand by itself, simply by filling it with water.


As there is no need for supports or frames, the pool is ultra-lightweight and can be assembled quickly.


Its compact size makes it easy to carry and space-saving for storage.

High-tensile-strong and safe

As it is made of polyethylene, it is High-tensile-strong and safe (non-toxic). Disposal is also easy.

Example applications
Water Tank That Easily Stands by Itself When Filled with Water

It can be used as a simple water tank in various situations because it can be made to stand by itself, simply by filling it with water.

  • Pools for living and drinking water in times of disaster
  • Civil engineering and construction work
  • Various events
  • Water tanks for fire extinguishing
  • Aquaculture (seaweed, fish, etc.)
  • Agriculture, etc.