Commissioned Processing

Coating - Commissioned Processing (Film formation adding functions)

We offer coating services for your films, as well as converting your materials into films. We are a one-stop-shop solution, from proof of concept all the way to mass production. Zacros excels in creating scalable products.

Product Features

Support for development including product design

Using a test coater, we offer support from the selection of base films to the design of coatings and other materials. We swiftly and flexibly respond to meet your development schedule.

We provide the type that is optimal for your product. For the specifications of each type, see "Machine Specifications" at the bottom of this page.

Support for a wide range of prototyping and mass production

We can meet requests using a variety of mass-production machines, including laboratory machines that are completely miniaturized versions of the actual machines.

Support for small-scale prototyping

We can accommodate small-scale prototyping to suit your situation, such as limited materials, cost, and time in the development stage.

Quality assurance system

We have a reliable quality assurance system in place, including proposals for creating systems with mass production in mind from the prototyping stage up to decisions on quality standards.

Example Applications

Film formation equipment

We support our customers from development to mass production with the following equipment.

  • Coating
  • Casting
  • Extrusion lamination, etc.
Commissioned processing

The Commissioned processing is as follows.

  1. Inquiry: Please inquire via our website, e-mail, or telephone.
  2. Meeting: Our sales and technical representatives will speak to you directly to discuss your requirements for testing and prototypes.
  3. Laboratory machine study: We will support your initial stage of development by using a prototype coater that is 1/5 scale of the mass production machine, and which can perform application from a cup of liquid.
  4. Evaluation: Please evaluate the finished sample.
  5. Prototyping on the mass production equipment: We offer a wide range of services from small-lot sample production to mass production.
  6. Commissioning contract: We decide on quality management items according to your needs and then undertake quality assurance.

Machine Specifications

Roll width
(coating width)
Drying Temperature
(drying method)
Cleanliness Main features
Test coater 600mm
50 to 140℃
(roll support)

- 1/5 scale of actual machine
- UV irradiation equipment
Medium machine 1500mm
80 to 140℃
(roll support)
Class 100
(peripheral environment section: 1000)
- Simultaneous 2-layer coating
- Small-lot mass production available
Large machine 1700mm
60 to 140℃
(roll support)
(air float)

Class 100
(peripheral environment section: 1000)

- Simultaneous 2-layer coating
- UV irradiation equipment
Slit finishing machine Supports from 100 to 1600 mm

Class 10,000

- Supports plastic film and soft metal foil

Extruder Main Equipment

Location Processing width 主な特徴
Kakegawa 800 to 1550mm
  • Tandem processing available
  • Online corona treatment
  • Separator-less processing available
Yokohama 500 to 1050mm
  • Anchor coating available
  • Equipped with online detector
FPC Kasugai 600〜 to 1200mm
  • Tandem processing available
  • Paper insertion available