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Battery Materials

We develop battery components using our high-quality coating technology, which will contribute to the improvement of lithium-ion battery performance and the realization of next-generation batteries.

Free standing Electrodes (ZEF) *under development

ZEF(Zacros Electrode Film) is a freestanding electrode without a current collector for Lithium-Ion Batteries and next-generation batteries, used by cutting it to any size and then attaching it to the current collector. ZEF manages the high capacity through large and wide size and thick-film coating, also good adhesion for handling, and excellent battery characteristics. ZEF also contributes to the reduction of capital investment in the electrode manufacturing process (Mixing, coating, drying, calendering) at the customer.

Product Features

1: Free Standing Electrodes (Cathode and Anode electrodes) consisting of only a mixed layer without a current collector.

2: Pre-calendering and can be used simply by cutting it to any size and attach it on the current collector.

3: Freed from restrictions caused by current collectors. Contributes to the realization of large-size batteries and next-generation batteries that could not be manufactured in the past.


  • Electrodes for lithium-ion batteries and next-generation large batteries
  • Supports new structures and designs for large next-generation batteries for both Cathode and Anode electrodes.


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